It’s Dragonfly Season in Guanacaste, Costa Rica! Find Out What This Symbolizes

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When the season switches from wet to dry and the prevalent offshore winds return to Guanacaste, Costa Rica, a whimsical and iridescent creature returns to the airways. If you haven’t noticed them yet, this is a good reminder that sometimes you just need to look up. There are days between December and sometimes as late as into March where droves …

Beat the Heat in Playa Grande with These 5 Local Treats!

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Summertime is here in Playa Grande! The consistent offshore winds are blowing, the rains are drying up, the clouds are dissipating, the sun is blazing, and the temperature is rising. There are few things if any, things better on a hot summer day than a cold local treat. Whether you prefer an afternoon dessert, a refreshing and hydrating drink, a …

4 Reasons Why Playa Grande, Costa Rica is a Great Place to be a Kid

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Oh, to be a kid again! How simple life was before the reign of social media and technology addictions. For many who are reading this, your childhood probably included a lot of time playing with friends and staying outdoors until the street lights came on. No cellphones or violent video games, just wholesome and healthy playing. As technology continues its …

The Basics of Being a Perpetual Tourist in Costa Rica

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Applying and obtaining temporary or permanent residency in Costa Rica is possible, but not necessarily necessary. To qualify for residency, you either must marry a Costa Rican citizen or permanent resident, give birth to a child in-country, invest a minimum of $200,000, or be able to prove that you receive a pension every month. While there are several other ways, …

What’s So Amazing About Las Ventanas de Playa Grande?

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It is not uncommon to hear a story about an individual, a couple, or a family who traveled to Playa Grande, Costa Rica for the first time only to fall in love with it and decide to continue to return year after year. A considerable portion of the local population in Playa Grande is made up of seasonal locals who …

Why Playa Grande is a Great Community to Invest In

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If you’ve ever spent time in Playa Grande, you already know why this beach and surf community is so alluring. If you haven’t, though, let us share with you why Playa Grande is such a great community to invest in from a non-financial perspective. Away from it all, but close enough The main entrances to Playa Grande are a curvy …


Three Award-Winning Golf Courses in Guanacaste, Costa Rica

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Did you know that the best golf courses in all of Costa Rica are in Guanacaste? Did you also know that there are three award-winning golf courses within an easy drive from Playa Grande? If you are interested in hitting the links while you are in Guanacaste, we highly recommend you check out these courses!  Reserva Conchal Golf Club  Robert …

What to Consider Before Moving to Costa Rica

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It is not an uncommon reaction to come home from a trip to Costa Rica and start dreaming about living there. For those of us who are currently living in Costa Rica, you have probably heard countless times from visitors how lucky you are to live in here.  What many people don’t distinguish during their daydreams about life in Costa …

Family Surf Costa Rica Vacation

Find Out What Families Find in Playa Grande, Costa Rica

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While Playa Grande attracts all different types of people in all different configurations and life stages (solo travelers, seasonal locals, surfers, yogis, couples, friend groups, fresh graduates, new retirees, etc.), families seem to be particularly pulled here. The magnetism of Playa Grande is so strong that some families relocate entirely to start a new life or spend a year or …