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Gold Verses Green: What’s Your Favorite Season in Playa Grande, Costa Rica?

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Playa Grande received its first drops of rain this past week. While all of the Grande locals had their own predictions, it is likely that few, if any, predicted that the rain would return this early in April. The first rain became the topic on everyone’s tongue in the surf lineup and amongst the sunsetters the next day. After many bone-dry months, the season is finally shifting. Unlike more temperate parts of the world, Costa Rica only has two true seasons, wet and dry. The consensus on what the best season is in Playa Grande is mixed; it’s quite a personal question and one that you’ll just have to decide for yourself. We recommend trying them both out though!

Here’s a basic breakdown of the highlights of each season in Playa Grande, Costa Rica, which might help sway you to one or the other, or like a lot of us who live in Costa Rica or frequently return, to both.

The dry golden season in Playa Grande, Costa Rica

Typically spans from December through April, but Mother Earth is rarely entirely predictable

Cloudless cerulean skies

Chance of sunshine is one hundred percent

Watercolor palette sunsets

Green flash potential

Cooler water temperatures, which can sometimes drop low enough that a spring suit is necessary

Strong Papagayo winds (offshore winds that comes from the north)

Playa Grande

Dreamy dawn surf in dry season in Playa Grande | Carive Productions

Pleasantly crisp early mornings and evenings

Scorching hot afternoons

Vibrant flower blooms and golden landscapes

Low mosquito threat

Langostas return (sunset-colored giant grasshopper with incredibly poor navigational skills)

Langostas in Costa Rica

They look like drunk fairies in the sky | Jenn Parker

Turtle nesting and humpback whale migration season

Big holidays (Christmas, New Years, and Holy Week)

More visitors in Costa Rica

Higher accommodation prices

Local fiesta season (every town in Costa Rica has an annual fiesta, which includes a horse parade (tope), Costa Rican-style bullfighting, carnival rides and games, music and dancing, food vendors, and plenty of beer and guaro.)

The wet green season in Playa Grande, Costa Rica

It typically doesn’t rain all day every day during the rainy season

The weather can be different every day

Still a high chance of sunshine

Neon color palette sunsets

Magnificent rain showers and thunder and lightning displays

Warm water temperatures

Shifting wind patterns

Howler monkey in Costa Rica

Countless shades of green in Costa Rica | © Emilie Chen/Flickr

More consistent and bigger swells

Lush verdant landscape

More mosquitos (be adamant about insect repellent)

Local holidays (Juan Santamaria Day, Annexation of Guanacaste Day, and Independence Day)

Momon chino season (a delicious, juicy, and abundant fruit in Costa Rica that belongs to the lychee family and looks like something out of a Dr. Seuss story)

Less visitors

Less expensive accommodation prices in Costa Rica

Momon chinos in Costa Rica

There are roadside vendors everywhere in Costa Rica selling this delectable treat | Jenn Parker

Come find your season!

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