Transportation in Playa Grande, Costa Rica

The Best Ways to Get Around in Costa Rica

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The last two weeks we shared with you two guides to the amenities and services that are in and around Playa Grande. The next logical piece of information that you might want to know about if you are planning on spending any amount of time, whether temporarily or permanently, in Playa Grande is your transportation options. There are quite a few options available when it comes to getting around the immediate area surrounding Playa Grande and venturing out countrywide.

Rent a car

There are plenty of car rental companies in Costa Rica and many of them are conveniently located by the Liberia Airport (Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport), the San José International Airport (Juan Santamaría International Airport), and in Tamarindo (the big beach town directly to the south of Playa Grande). Driving around Guanacaste in particular is relatively easy, if you know what to expect, which is why we will devote an entire article next week on what to know about driving in Costa Rica. The majority of the roads are paved and if you are given accurate directions, navigating from one place to the other is pretty simple.

Private shuttle

A private shuttle is a relatively affordable option if you need transportation somewhere for your own group. You can hire a private shuttle to take you anywhere in the country, including the airports. You can even hire a private shuttle to take you on a day adventure or just to another town for sunset, dinner, and drinks.

Group shuttle

If you are interested in exploring another part of Costa Rica, whether in Guanacaste or far beyond, there are transportation companies that offer a lower individual rate, but you will be sharing your shuttle with other travelers. There is a bit less flexibility in pick-up times and locations when you do a group shuttle, but if you are flexible or the set times work for your schedule, this is an ideal and inexpensive transportation option. Gray Line, Interbus, and Caribe Shuttle all offer daily shuttle services from many of Costa Rica’s population destinations, as well as weekly transportation passes, private shuttle options, and even tour packages.

Transportation in Costa Rica

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If you just need to run a few errands or are venturing to another town such as Huacas, Brasilto, Playa Flamingo, Potrero, Villa Real, Tamarindo, or Avellenas, a taxi is a viable transportation option. If you plan on using a taxi often, it is a good idea to try and use the same one (of course with a driver that you like) consistently so as to develop a relationship with your driver. This will help you with negotiating a better rate, as well as avoid having to explain in detail where you live or are staying every time you need to go somewhere.

Public bus

The public bus system is actually very consistent and punctual, unless of course there are unforeseen problems on the road, which is not uncommon. There are buses that run in all directions. This is the most cost-effective way to get around locally, but not necessarily the most time-effective, as the bus obviously stops a lot along the way to and from its main destination. Click here for the link to the public bus system in Guanacaste and the rates.

Domestic flights

Sansa Airlines flies to 16 destinations in Costa Rica and one in Nicaragua. There is a small domestic airport in Tamarindo and Sansa flights also leave from Liberia. This is an incredibly time-effective way to travel around Costa Rica. Flights are also very reasonably priced, especially if you book in advance. It is definitely more affordable for buy a single ticket to San José or where ever else you want to go in Costa Rica than it is to book a private shuttle there by yourself or to take a taxi.

Sansa Airlines transportation in Costa Rica

Fastest and easiest transportation option in Costa Rica | © Bernal Saborio/Flickr

Buy a vehicle

If you are planning on making the big move and spending the majority, if not all of your time in Playa Grande, purchasing a vehicle at some point might make getting around a lot easier and more convenient. Like renting a car, there is a lot to know about buying and owning a car in Costa Rica, which is why we will share an entire article on the subject later this month.


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