In the heart of Playa Grande is Play Grande Estates. This neighborhood is an easy walk to the beach and the surf. Playa Grande Estates has several boutique hotels, restaurants and other small businesses. This little town has that off the beaten path feel even though it is less than one hour from the Liberia International Airport.


Playa Grande Estates is 150 acres of land all within a ten minute walk to the beach. The community can best be described as a family friendly walkable surf town. The beach is a 3-mile stretch of white sand. Many people consider the surf to be the most consistent wave in all of Costa Rica. Playa Grande is one of the few nesting grounds for the Leatherback Turtle making it a very eco-friendly area. There is a very laid back small town vibe and you most certainly know all of your neighbors. The area has recently seen an in-flux of young families due to the growing number of quality schools in the area. Sunset is a very popular time of day so each night you will find most of the town gathered at the beach to witness the beauty.

Development in Playa Grande Estates

There are a total of 27 existing homes and a 5 unit condo complex Villas Costa Grande. This condo project is steps from the beach and affordable, check out Villa Bougainvillea . There are also several lots to choose from within a 2 block radius from the beach. Several of these lots already have their environmental approvals so all you need to do is design your dream home. A new spec home is under construction with a completion date set for September 2017.

Business Community in Playa Grande Estates

Within the community there are several small boutique hotels, most of them family owned and operated. RipJack Inn is the largest hotel in the area with a total of 21 rooms. RipJack Inn has a tree top restaurant with some of the best food in the country. A few times each week you can catch live music and every day you can enjoy sunset happy hour.

The Yoga Shala in Playa Grande offers a wide variety of retreats, trainings and public classes for everyone to enjoy.

For all things surf you can visit the surf shop Frijoles Locos. They offer the best and most qualified surf instruction in the area. The shop at Frijoles Locos has a a wide selection of boards to rent or buy.

There is a night market each Wednesday that features local artisans selling everything from jewelry and art to craft beer and burgers. There is also live music to enjoy.

Raising a family in Costa Rica

With the growing trend of working on line, Playa Grande has seen an influx of families with young children taking advantage of the area's private school's. Within about a 20 minute drive or bus ride you are able to select from several school's including; La Paz, Educarte and the Costa Rica International Academy. The area also offers several activities for children throughout the year. You can enroll at a dance academy, a martial arts school , a sailing school and of course surfing, just to name a few!