The Guanacaste Waldorf School provides an option for families who prefer the philosophy behind a Waldorf education and want to live in the Northern Guanacaste area. Both local families and expats living abroad attend.

The school has programs for Preschool/Kinder, as well as for grades 1st – 6th; ultimately grades are combined in practice.

For grade levels 1st – 6th, Guanacaste Waldorf works in a block system. Students work on a subject for two hours each morning. After four weeks they switch to new subjects. The rest of the day consists of snack, recess, two more subject classes, lunch and another recess. Finally students finish the day with a hands-on learning class, such as crafts, building or gardening.

Students are encouraged to eat healthy foods and often help with the food prep process.


The campus environment is key to a Waldorf education. Guanacaste Waldorf School focuses on providing a natural and caring space for students. They surround students with natural materials and promote an inner love for learning. A morning nature walk begins the day.

Students help care for animals that live on campus and spend much of their time outdoors.

“Children help with all tasks at school which is an important part of developing self-confidence, a sense of responsibility and teamwork.” – GWS website

Guanacaste Waldorf is located between Playa Tamarindo and Playa Avellanas.


The school year runs from September through June, allowing for an easy transition for North American expats.

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