Part 1: Reasons to Spend More Time in Playa Grande, Costa Rica With Your Family

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If Playa Grande was going to wear a banner, it would read, “Playa Grande, a Tight-Knit Community of Families and Surfers.” Deciding where to visit or relocate with your family is a big decision, especially if your family includes young children or teenagers. While there is a community of families who already reside here full-time, there are also families who come to live in Playa Grande for part of the year, others who have decided to try out a year here, or those who are wrapping up the final arrangements to make the grand move and join the full timers. There are so many inspiring reasons why Playa Grande is an ideal beach town for families, which is why this topic will be broken up into two parts.

Be part of a tight-knit community of families

Playa Grande is the type of place where everyone knows your name; or will learn it. This small town on Guanacaste’s Gold Coast is incredibly welcoming to newcomers. Once you have spent a little bit of time here, you will realize that you have become part of the community. Everyone here looks out for one another. Playa Grande is like one big extended family. While smaller friend and family groups do form within the community, those circles are never closed, but rather link up to other circles, which just form a long beautiful chain.

Birds of a feather…

They say that like attracts like and that ideology seems to be in play here. The community of Playa Grande is made up of individuals who desired a simpler way of life. A life where you spend more time outdoors, in nature, and with friends and family than you do dedicating your time to the acquisition of materials things and superficial titles, reputations, rewards, and relationships. Spending time in Playa Grande, even if just briefly, will remind you of what’s really important in life; time spent in the present moment, quality relationships, a deep connection with yourself and nature; and pursuing your best life now and not continually pushing it back until the procrastinateable tomorrow and tomorrow’s tomorrow, and so forth on.

Playa Grande, Costa Rica

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Safe place to live and play

Playa Grande is very safe. It should however be noted that no matter where you are in Costa Rica, or in the world for that matter, you must always be vigilant and take the necessary precautions to protect yourself, your family, and your belongings. However, compared to other beach towns in Costa Rica and big cities and neighborhoods in North America, there is very little crime here. Playa Grande is a place where you can feel safe about letting your kids play outside and on the beach without your undivided supervision. It is a place where kids can actually be kids and parents don’t have to be in a sustained state of worry.


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Plenty of family-friendly establishments

There are multiple extraordinary pizza spots, as well as restaurants that serve up delicious pastas, burritos, tacos, hamburgers, and even a variety of more locally-inspired dishes that are sure to become family favorites, such as patacones, gallo pinto, and casados. There aren’t any fast food restaurants in or anywhere near Playa Grande, so you can rest assure that your family will be enjoying locally-sourced and inspired, fresh, and healthier meals when you decide to dine out. All the restaurants in Playa Grande are family-friendly, and dog-friendly too.

Family-friendly food in Costa Rica

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Need more inspiration? Stay tuned for part two!

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