Reduce, Reuse, Recycle in Playa Grande

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As you might have heard, Costa Rica is at the forefront of the green movement. Costa Rica has long been environmentally-conscious and progressive when it comes to protecting its resources. While Costa Rica is a shining example in many ways, the country has only recently instated recycling programs.

There are still a lot of places throughout the country where waste management and recycling are not up to par. But many communities are starting to take more of an initiative to make recycling assessable. Playa Grande is one of those places.

Plastic is one of the most invasive and destructive common-use materials. Single-use plastics like straws, water bottles, grocery bags, coffee lids and stirrers, and to-go utensils are littering and destroying our marine and freshwater environments.

Costa Rica has pledged to eliminate single-use plastics by 2021. Many local businesses in Playa Grande are already stepping up to the challenge. The No Straw Challenge was started and very well-received in Playa Grande, and many local businesses no longer use plastic to-go cups and containers.

You can be part of the movement too by reducing your use of single-use plastics. You can do this by bringing your own or buying a reusable water bottle. The water is safe to drink from the tap, and many restaurants and hotels will be more than happy to refill your bottle using filtered water. Glass bottles of water are also commonly available at the supermarkets. You can also opt not to use a straw when enjoying your cocktail or smoothie.



Do you need to pick up a few reusable items while you are in Playa Grande?

Check out these local places

Pots and Bowls sells reusable water bottles.

Café Mar Azul sells reusable grocery bags.

The RipJack Inn sells stainless steel reusable straws.

The big question

Where do you take your recycling?

You can take all of your plastics, aluminum, and glass to the recycling center at the MINAE/Las Baulas National Marine Park headquarters, which is located on the right a block before you reach the main beach parking lot in Playa Grande. There is a giant leatherback sea turtle statue in front, so you can’t miss it!

The small outdoor recycling center is very user-friendly, and there is often a park ranger there to help you sort your recyclables. This might not be a state-of-the-art recycling facility, but it is significantly better than just tossing your plastic, glass, and aluminum items in the trash.

Be part of the solution at home and on vacation!


Help keep plastic waste out of the ocean by recycling



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