4 Unique Places to Watch the Sunset in Playa Grande, Costa Rica

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If you haven’t noticed yet, sunsets are kind of a big deal on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Aside from the fact that the sunsets are often outrageously beautiful and astonishingly colorful and vibrant here, they are also treated by locals and visitors alike similarly to a celebration. Friends, new and old, families, and dogs gather on the seashore to toast to another day in paradise. For being such a small town, Playa Grande actually has some pretty unique places to watch the sunset aside from the central social zone in front of the RipJack Inn.

4 Unique Places to Watch the Sunset in Playa Grande, Costa Rica

Las Ventanas de Playa Grande Clubhouse

West facing and one of the highest viewpoints in the district of Santa Cruz, the Las Ventanas clubhouse is an extraordinary place to watch the sun dip into the sea. This private clubhouse is only accessible to residents of or renters in Las Ventanas de Playa Grande, and of course, their friends and family. The views from up here are expansive and stretch over Playa Grande, Tamarindo, and far out to into the Pacific Ocean. The clubhouse is complete with an infinity pool and plenty of shaded space to gather with friends. In Playa Grande, you can’t beat this view!


Top of the Rock 

At the far north end of Playa Grande, you can’t miss the massive rock that jets out into the ocean and splits Playa Grande from Playa Ventanas. There is actually a little path you can climb up on the east-facing side of the rock. This ascent is not for the faint of heart, but the reward is worth the effort. Sitting on the top of this rock is truly a unique place to watch the sunset. You will feel like you are on top of the world from up here!

Beach area in front of Café Mar Azul

Café Mar Azul is an exquisite breakfast, lunch, and dinner spot in Palm Beach Estates, which is the south end of Playa Grande. This charming little restaurant is conveniently located in front of a beach path. Café Mar Azul offers a daily happy hour, which includes several 2×1 deals. The sangria is especially delicious! The best approach to this sunset spot is to order a happy hour drink at Café Mar Azul, take it down to the beach to watch the sunset, and then walk back up and enjoy your second drink on their patio. They even have a beer and a boca (small snack) deal.

From the surf

There is just something special about a sunset surf. Unlike a sunrise surf where you potentially could surf for as long as your heart desires (or until the tide or conditions turn), sunset surfs are finite. Sitting sea level on your surfboard also offers the unique perspective of being eye to eye with the setting sun. Watching the sky and surface of the sea change colors after the body of the sun has disappeared, is magical. And those last twenty minutes or so of light after the sunset feels like a gift. The wind usually dies or goes offshore, the crowds begin to dissipate, and those last waves for some reason can sometimes be the best ones of the session.


Once you see a proper sunset in Costa Rica, you won’t want to miss a single one after that!




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