7 Reasons Why Guanacaste is Such a Desirable Province in Costa Rica for Families

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Costa Rica is divided into seven provinces. The seven provinces are Guanacaste, Puntarenas, San José, Alajuela, Cartago, Heredia, and Limón. Guanacaste is located in Costa Rica’s northwest region and includes part of the Nicoya Peninsula. This part of Costa Rica draws in families from all around the world who are seeking a tropical vacation or a new lease on life. Guanacaste has a lot to offer all different walks of life. Families, in particular though, are drawn to Costa Rica’s Gold Coast for many good reasons.


Families from all around the world and within Costa Rica are drawn to Guanacaste in part because of the variety of school options. There is a diverse selection of private schools in Guanacaste for all different budgets. There is essentially a school for nearly every type of student, as well. Some of the private schools are U.S. accredited.

In Northern Guanacaste alone, La Paz Community School, Costa Rica International Academy, Educarte, Guanacaste Waldorf School, and TIDE are all easily accessible for families living in and around Playa Grande, Playa Flamingo, Potrero, Tamarindo, and Avellenas.


Wholesome family life


The private healthcare system in Costa Rica is exceptional and affordable. There are dozens of small private clinics and several private hospitals. Most of the private clinics, as well as the hospitals, have doctors, nurses, and assistants who are bilingual. For most families, especially ones with children, access to top-of-the-line healthcare is a top priority.

Even if you don’t have insurance, a trip to the emergency room won’t cost you an arm and a leg either. There are ambulance services, med-evac services, and 24-hour clinics in Guanacaste.


The Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport in Liberia is easily accessible from everywhere in Guanacaste. Being relatively close to an international airport makes it easy for friends and family to visit you, as well as for you and your family to be able to travel outside of Costa Rica easily.


Home sweet home


Guanacaste is a well-developed province in Costa Rica. You can find everything from banks, hardware stores, mechanics, car rentals and dealerships to clothing boutiques, home goods stores, organic markets, and yoga and fitness studios. While you might not be able to find all the brands of the things that you find in your home country, you can pretty find anything you are looking for somewhere in Guanacaste.


There are so many different things to do in Guanacaste that boredom is out of the question! Within all the different communities in Guanacaste, there is always something going on. It seems there is always a fundraiser, a marathon, a parade, a fiesta, a surf contest, or a concert taking place. There are so many activities that are great for the entire family and then also activities that are perfect for just the kids.

The private schools offer a wide selection of team sports and clubs for students to join. There are endless ways to stay entertained and engaged in the community in Guanacaste.


Family United

Cultural Diversity

Guanacaste attracts a colorful diversity of people from around the globe. You will often find a mix of Costa Ricans, North Americans, South Americans, Europeans, and Australians living in the coastal towns of Guanacaste. Raising your family in such a culturally diverse environment is an exceptional opportunity to expose your children to all different cultures and languages.

Sense of Community  

Quaint communities both on the coast and inland dot Guanacaste. Communities like Playa Grande and Playa Guiones are tight-knit, open-minded, and very family-friendly. There is something extraordinary about knowing everyone, either personally or by face, in your community.

To feel part of a community is something that many families don’t have the opportunity to experience for one reason or another before relocating to Guanacaste. There is something special about being in Guanacaste that brings families closer to one another and closer to their neighbors.


Happy kids, happy family

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