This private school was founded in 2008 with a mission to provide high quality education at an affordable tuition. Educarte has great community involvement. As with most schools in the area, the academics are completely bilingual (English & Spanish). In addition, French is also incorporated at this school.

Students are taught to be aware, and in appreciation of where they live. The school celebrates diversity and is home to many expat families living abroad in Costa Rica. Equally important though is the Costa Rican culture and history. Further more, Educarte highly values the academic expectations of Costa Rica and promotes environmental awareness.

A philosophy at Educarte School is that students should be provided with plenty of learning opportunities where they can develop their own learning journey.  As a result, there are many extra-curriculum opportunities available.


In 2012 the school joined forces with Saint Joseph School in San Jose to enhance their program. Today Educarte has an updated campus, complete with a swimming pool and recreation area.

Educarte is located on a main road heading north out of Tamarindo area. You can see the bright new buildings from the road however, they are set back away from the traffic. Trees located throughout campus give it a safe and joyful feel.


The school year runs from September through June, allowing for an easy transitions for North American expats.

If Educarte School sounds like a good fit for your family, check out the beach communities of Playa Tamarindo & Playa Grande.