T.I.D.E Academy provides an alternative to the traditional 7 hours a day, 5 days a week schooling structure. The school’s mission allows students to  maintain a high level of academics, while pursuing other interests. Teachers at TIDE Academy can adapt to individual learning styles  due to the low teacher to student ratio. This allows students to accomplish more in less time. The academic day starts at 8am and ends at 12pm. Students are then able to sign up for extracurricular classes, get extra help or pursue special interests. They can also continue their learning experience at home or in pursuit of a specific passion outside of the classroom.

TIDE stands for Total Immersion through a Dynamic Education. The school lives up to its name by being involved in the local community. TIDE  provides a wide variety of learning activities and options for their students. Teachers at TIDE all offer enrichment classes.

The school has their own Surf Academy and Dance Academy.  Students have an opportunity to focus on these two sports within the school structure.

Academically, TIDE has partnered with Global Village School and North Atlantic Regional High School.  This means that  each student maintains a high standard of academics and accreditation. Earning  an education at TIDE is comparable to attending school in The United States. Because of this partnership, students graduating from TIDE will have academic accreditation recognized internationally in countries including The United States and Costa Rica.


TIDE Academy is located at the entrance of Playa Tamarindo, across from the area’s largest grocery store. The school is in a new building this year. They have plans to develop their new outside space in order to provides a safe, enclosed area for the students.


The school year runs from September through June, allowing for an easy transition for North American expats. The school is founded on the idea of flexibility so it works with families living in the area, visiting for an extended time or just passing through as world travelers. TIDE can also work with students remotely.

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