The ability to speak Spanish in Costa Rica as a non-native Spanish speaker is one of the most rewarding accomplishments that you can work toward. While a large portion of the population speaks English, it will make life even more comfortable if you can converse in Spanish. The ability to speak the native language will open up a lot more doors for you. But learning a new language is not easy! Fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities to learn and practice Spanish in and around Playa Grande.


Spanish for Expats is a Spanish school specifically geared towards adults who are living in or spending a significant amount of time in Costa Rica and want to learn Spanish. Based out of Villa Real, Spanish for Expats offers both group and private classes at multiple locations around northern Guanacaste.

There are several different types of classes and courses that are offered throughout the year. This includes an introduction to Spanish, conversation and fluency, and fast track Spanish. All classes are designed to help you conquer your fears of speaking Spanish! If you opt to do private classes, your course will be specially designed to meet your level, needs, and goals.


Spanish + Brews is a relatively new social Spanish gathering that takes place every Wednesday at the Volcano Brewing Company in Tamarindo. This is one of the most unique Spanish practice opportunities on our list! For just $20, you and up to nine other participants get the chance to drink beer and converse in Spanish for two hours. Sylvia from Spanish for Expats leads this lightly boozy Spanish session. Nothing like a little liquid courage to bring out your inner Spanish voice!


The Coastal Spanish Institute is conveniently located in front of the beach in the heart of Tamarindo. This long-standing institute offers nine levels of private and small group courses for beginner to advanced Spanish learners. You can attend school for as little as a week or as long as you can stay in Tamarindo. If you also want to learn how to surf while you are in Tamarindo, they offer a surf and Spanish program, as well.


Since 1996, Wayra has been offering Spanish classes in Tamarindo to international students from around the globe. Wayra has an impressive selection of Spanish courses to fit all different levels, needs, interests, and goals. You can choose from their standard course, intensive course, private course, or Spanish for special purposes course. Or, check out their Spanish and surf program. DELE exam preparation course, children and teenager program, Spanish and volunteering program, or online course. There is also an option to do a homestay.


Every month, the Howler Magazine publishes an article and vocabulary list dedicated to helping you further progress in Spanish. In case you don’t know, the Howler is a free publication. You can find it at the WilmartRipJack Inn receptionPots and Bowls, and Frijoles Locos. These incredibly practical lessons will help you in your day-to-day life in Costa Rica. You will be surprised how much you can learn just from reading these monthly Spanish lessons in the Howler.