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Where to Buy Locally-Sourced, Fresh, Healthy, and Cheap Food to Fill Your Fridge around Playa Grande, Costa Rica

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The food we choose to eat is one of the most significant factors that directly affects our complete health and well-being. Food is not only fuel, but the most comprehensive and effective form of holistic medicine. In a world of innumerable maladies, chronic conditions, stresses, and widespread obesity, our diet can either make us or break us. The saying “you are what you eat,” couldn’t be any more accurate!

We are also living in a time where our population is rapidly growing and our natural resources are dwindling under immense pressure from all avenues of modern society. One of the best things that you can do for the planet and your body is to eat locally-sourced real food that comes from the earth; garden, farm, fresh water, or sea-to-belly kind of food that isn’t processed, chalked full of preservatives, and wrapped in plastic.

Food markets in Costa Rica

Plastic-free food | © rpphotos/Flickr

Fortunately, eating this way is easy in Costa Rica! Most towns in Costa Rica host their own weekly or daily farmer’s market. Some of the farmer’s markets only carry locally-grown fruits and vegetables, while others also sell freshly caught fish, free-range poultry and eggs, locally-made cheese, and other delectable homemade food such as fresh tortillas, banana bread, and ceviche.

Buying food this way is an impactful way to support the local farmers, fishermen, and families. It is also a great way to significantly reduce your weekly grocery bill. There are several open-air farmer’s markets within a short drive from Playa Grande.

Here’s when and where you need to go to load up on avocados, pineapples, papayas, bananas, plantains, cilantro, carrots, peppers, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, squash, coconuts, broccoli, beets, and an abundance of others treats.

Frutas y Verduras El Cruce (Huacas)

This is the closest farmer’s market to Playa Grande. This charming market is located on the left-hand side of the road at the crossroad toward Flamingo and the central part of Huacas. The produce here is beautifully organized and inspiringly fresh. They even sell cooked pejibayes! (Stay turned for our guide to strange and delicious fruits and vegetables grown in Costa Rica.)

This market is conveniently open every day.

farmer's market near Playa Grande

Pre-cooked pejibayes are a true find at the farmer’s market! | © katerbordner/Flickr

Villa Real Farmer’s Market

Located in the center of Villa Real is a daily farmer’s market. Instead of turning right to go to Tamarindo, just keep going straight. This large outdoor market has a fantastic selection of fruits and vegetables. You can also pick up cheese, eggs, meat, and local spices.

Food in Costa Rica

Farm fresh food in Costa Rica | © Leonora Enking/Flickr

Feria La Paz

Every Wednesday between 3PM and 6PM, a community market takes place next to La Paz Community School. This market is a bit more artisanal. You will find things like kale, fresh fish, baked goods, and other homemade food and craft items. It is a good idea to get to this market on the earlier side if you want the best selections.

Tamarindo Feria

The Tamarindo Feria takes place every Saturday from 7Am to 1PM. Aside from being able to pick up locally-grown and organic produce for the week, you will also find freshly caught fish, local honey, artisanal chocolate, ice cream, baked goods galore, organic wines, handmade jewelry and art, fresh cut flowers, homeopathic remedies, unique gifts, and even dogs up for adoption.

There is also often live music, food trucks, and a happening social scene. The Tamarindo Feria is a fun weekly experience that the entire family will enjoy.


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