While Playa Grande attracts all different types of people in all different configurations and life stages (solo travelers, seasonal locals, surfers, yogis, couples, friend groups, fresh graduates, new retirees, etc.), families seem to be particularly pulled here. The magnetism of Playa Grande is so strong that some families relocate entirely to start a new life or spend a year or two abroad here.

What is it that draws families to Playa Grande? What do families from North America, South America, Europe, and even as far as Australia seek in Playa Grande that they can’t seem to find anywhere else?

The short answer is time.

Between all of the sports, recitals, birthday parties, play dates, school functions, school projects, homework, exams, work commitments, television shows, video games, and social media screen time, the average family doesn’t have the time to spend quality time together; at least not very often.

Most of our lives are very fast-paced and action-packed, and while there seems to be time for everything else time together seems to be hard to come by.

Family in Costa Rica


The time that you have with your family is truly priceless, as most of us can probably agree on. Sometimes you just need a change of environment to change the way that you allocate your time.

Life in Playa Grande, while still rich with activities and social opportunities, is a bit more slow-paced, laid-back, and quality-time conducive. Whether you decide to move here or just visit, the way of life here is quite contagious.

Priorities are a bit shifted here. Full-time and seasonal locals in Playa Grande tend to value moments of time more than anything else. The moments that you spend doing what you love to do with the people whom you love to be with often take the center stage.

This is not to say that regular life obligations, responsibilities, and work commitments don’t exist here, but the attitude toward quality time reigns supreme.

Playa Grande is really a special place where time seems more freely available to those who are seeking it. You can’t get back the time that you let slip away in the past, but you can embrace the time that is ticking right now.

Spending time in Playa Grande can help you reconnect with your family and remember what is truly important in life… quality time with the ones whom you love the most.